Sunday, May 10, 2009

Does Not Pure

Several days ago, I saw the news. News in televise it makes me surprised. In the news is told there is a herbal medicine that made cheating. I pity the people who have purchased this herbal medicine. The cheating manufacturer, during the time make herbal medicine include drugs in it, such as medication chemical antihistamin, dexamethasone, antalgin in herb. I am disappointed with him. For the damage to his image of herbal medicine as a natural medicine. I like all natural. This is a warning to alert us before buying herbal medicine. Should we buy from the manufacturer that has the experience and its natural materials. We must carefully consult with the herbalist before drinking herbal medicine. So that, herbal medicine that we take the original and does not contain chemicals.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Another vegetable that is very useful. Cucumber, often found in food menus. Where I, is often eat raw cucumber. Foods that contain a mixture of cucumber is often called the "lalapan". I Have favorite type of food that contain cucumber, which is "rujak". Very tasty and healthy.
In fact, cucumber is not just eaten. Cucumber can be used to beauty. I have facial, when given a face mask, eyes closed with a cucumber, very refreshing.
My sister-in-law, have a habit, put cucumber in the face, every night. She did this, because she has acne problem on her face.
In a traditional salon, cucumber can also be made into masks. With cucumber, I get the benefits of outside and inside.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today, I will not be talk about herbal medicine. But, I want to let on about my favorite food. Many vegetables and fruits that are my favorite. One of them is tomato.
In my place, tomato is a vegetable. From its rounded shape and the color red is, in fact contain many vitamins. So, this is a natural medicine for me.
Many ways to serve tomatoes as food. The most juice is made. When I still worked on, every day I drink tomato juice. But, I do not mix it with sugar. Indeed, it seems strange, but very refreshing.
Now, the food menu in the family always have tomatoes. I always add a mixture of tomatoes with garlic flavor.
I know, maintaining health should start from now. And, using the natural medicine is my choice.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Stone

Cousin often experience pain when urinating. Sometimes the stone out of his urine. Cousin drinking white water is rarely . Busy with work make him forget drinking white water.
Father often recommend cousin for a drink medicine that contains sonchus arvencis (sowthistle or tempuyung). Based on experience from father, who often drinking this herbal ingredients when he got stone in his urine.
Herbal this, according to the father can overcome the ureter stones, kidney. So that this can be a medicine for a stone in his ureter.
Part of this herb can be used is the leaf or the entire part.
Can be used as outside medicine or medicine to drink. Depending on the needs.
However, the father of regular drinking in medicine is ready to be drunk. Savor its very effective to my father, so he often recommend a friend or relative who has a complaint similar to this as using herbal medicine. In addition, drinking white water should not be overlooked also.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

When I Choosing Aromatherapy

In choosing aromatherapy, I'm not reckless. Similarly, in storage.
First, I always make sure the oil is pure aromatherapy. I'm not deceived by the price. The cheap price for an aromatherapy, will rise to the question. Usually a written 100 percent pure essential oil blend, when oil essensial already mixed in with the oil essensial others.
I always choose the aromatherapy packed in glass bottles that dark color. To save, I always avoid the hot sun. Glass bottles that have a dropper at the end of its very helpful in calculating the required droplets.
In use, when aromatherapy makes me dizzy or allergies, I will stop. There is a possibility, aromatherapy is not pure.
But, to be considered is, even aromatherapy are pure, may not suitable for one person with another person. Sensitivity of each person is different.
Because a high concentration of oil essensial of aromatherapy, I did not hold the oil directly. Because I know I will have a skin irritation.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Soybean Milk

I am most happy to drink soy milk. Make me, think soy milk is very tasty. However, there are some friends who do not like the smell of soy milk. For me who like a herbal for health, soybean milk can be a medicine choice. There many ways serve soy milk. There is a person who make soybean milk , mix of soy milk with chocolate. He was make it for them who happy with the chocolate. But, for me, more pleased with the pure soy milk, no chocolate taste, even without sugar. Because, I avoid foods and beverages that can make fat. At home my parents, have soybean milk maker. Blender special soybean milk manufacturer, does not need to fuss and practical. My mother felt the many benefits since drinking soy milk, the body will feel more comfortable. Just like me, they also like herbal health care for them. Because this is a natural medicine.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sleep Quality

I rarely can sleep that long. Because, I often experience insomnia. I already feel sleep disorders since college. During the lecture I sleep just four or five hours a day.
I once consulted with a friend, a sleep disorders specialist. He said, not a problem when, in one day forced to sleep four hours. However, the record must sleep quality.
In fact, it is true. Because, when I can sleep up to eight hours long, sometimes I also feel tired in the morning. This is because the quality of my sleep poorly. Thus, the number of hours sleep should be supported by good quality sleep.
Because of this sleep disorders, I am not motivated and often difficult to concentrate during the day. Avoiding things that drain your mind before bed really help you sleep quality. If you want to try medicine for sleep, herbal can be a choice to avoid dependence. However, if you do not want to take medicine, you can do the relaxation before sleep. As my friend do, with the psychological and physical relaxation before sleep. This is a natural choice.